Relationship Therapy 

When working with couples or other types of relationships, I always make it clear from the start that I will be on the side of the relationship until one or more people tell me that’s not what they want. There is one major exception to this rule and that would be in a situation where some form of abuse* is involved. 

I believe that each person in a relationship contributes with strengths and weaknesses. 

Issues don’t typically arise because of the fault of only one person. We react emotionally to one another based on our communication styles and personality styles. I love helping people to build up strengths and learn from weaknesses. 

It’s lots of fun for me to see the different types of personalities that present in relationships. Sometimes those personality styles clash and this causes serious disruptions or pain. The best part is finding solutions for these moments and figuring out ways to break unhealthy problems. 

Sometimes people come to me when they’ve been locked in various types of unhealthy patterns over time (a few examples include: communication issues, sexual concerns, inability to be “on the same page,” or stuck “in a rut”). In other situations, I see people who come to me when they are in crisis due to a major/significant life change, a significant breach in trust (such as cheating or lying), or a trauma that one or more persons experienced that has impacted the relationship. 

As a trained Marriage and Family Therapist, I am well-versed in “relational therapy.” I believe that we all make an impact on each other in every relationship. As a feminist/humanist informed therapist and trained Sexologist, I provide an atmosphere that is open to every kind of human being in various types of relationships. (Yes, I’m Poly-friendly, too - in case you were wondering…)

So if you’d like to work on your relationship with someone you can be sure that can handle hearing just about anything (…and I mean it - you don’t have to be shy or fearful of any judgement over here), make an appointment online at any time. Important information about my fees and services are located throughout this site.  


Thanks and I wish you immense happiness in all of your relationships!


*In that type of situation (abuse), I would need to do everything in my power to protect the abused person (which includes reporting abuse to keep that person safe, if necessary). Abuse is defined by pain inflicted physically, sexually, emotionally/psychologically and - most specifically - without the other person’s consent.