Although I am not available for emergencies, this does not mean 

that I stop caring about you after-hours…


If you are experiencing a crisis, please connect with any of the following resources:

(click on the orange words to open external links) 

Call 9-11 Emergency 

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, 24-hour crisis line (800) 273-8255

VayaHealth, Western NC 24-hour mental health crisis line (800) 849-6127

Our Voice, Asheville’s Rape 24-hour rape crisis line (828) 255-7576

Helpmate, Asheville’s domestic violence 24-hour crisis line (828) 254-0516

24-hour child abuse line, Asheville, NC (828) 252-4357

Mission Hospital, Asheville, NC (828) 213-1500

Trans Life-Line, National transgender support line (877) 565-8860

The Trevor Project, 24-hour crisis line for LGBTQ youth (866) 488-7386

It Gets Better Project, suicide prevention information and inspiration for LGBTQ youth