recommended providers

These cats only snuggle when they’re cold. Don’t be like these cats. If you need something from someone, don’t wait for the next cold snap to seize the opportunity to ask for what you need.

These cats only snuggle when they’re cold. Don’t be like these cats. If you need something from someone, don’t wait for the next cold snap to seize the opportunity to ask for what you need.

The following recommendations are listed in ABC order and organized by type of specialty. Because therapy and medical care are dependent on individual needs and, I believe, best outcomes are based on the relationship between patient/client and provider, it’s best to take your time with looking through websites to see who might be the best fit for you. Clicking on the provider’s name will bring you to each site.

There are lots of different options and it can be overwhelming at first, but it’s worth the effort to get whatever care you may need. In my attempt at creating this list, I’m sure I’ve forgotten some important people (because there are so many in this area) and hope to continue adding to this list. I have only listed people I have personally met with in some capacity or have worked with collaboratively in a professional setting.

local therapists

Relational Therapy

for couples…

Elizabeth Gillette (couples/individuals, attachment expert)

Jenn Fieldman (couples/individuals, trauma, addiction)

Monica LeBlanc (addictions, boundaries, codependency, couples/individuals)

Melissa Lopez (couples/individuals, poly-friendly)

Cindy Norton (couples who are not in high conflict, premarital, relationship enhancement) 

Lara Stevenson (couples/individuals, may have limited availability)

Sarah Wells (couples/individuals, EMDR trained) 

for teens…

Sarah Frick (sees teens or adults, trauma-informed, and can also do family therapy with teens and their parents)

for breakups…

Lindsay Brock (the break up therapist)

sex therapy:

Doris Gordon (currently the only other AASECT certified sex therapist in town)

Stas Pantelopulos (sex-positive approach)

Jenny Shealy (completing training to become certified as sex therapist)

Charlotte Taylor (online sessions only, studying to become certified as a sex therapist)

Leah Webster (studying to become certified as a sex therapist)

sex coaching/education (NOT therapy):

Kelley Johnson, PhD (individual/couples coaching and sex education)

Iva Veazey

out of control sexual behaviors:

Eric Belsterling (out of control sexual behaviors)

Lisa Mazzonetto (out of control sexual behaviors)

Other Therapy Specializations


Jameson Halberg (anxiety, stress, emotional eating)

Laura Torres (EMDR, trauma, HSP - highly sensitive persons)

art therapy:

Rachael Morgan (art therapy, grief)

child therapy:

Danielle Maxon

Hanna Woody (also works with adults)

disordered Eating: 

Allison Puryear

The Willow Place (intensive outpatient treatment or residential treatment center for disordered eating, addictions, or trauma for women)

perinatal (all things pregnancy and postpartum):

Ariel Shumaker-Hammond


Heather Branham

Kimberly Vered Shashoua  

Trans in the South (resource Guide for various practitioners)

trauma and grief:

Corey Brown (trauma, grief, art therapy, yoga)

Papillon “Poppy” DeBoer (survivors of sexual trauma (occasionally runs groups for male survivors through Our Voice), LGBTQ and poly friendly)

Jordan Grob (EMDR, trauma, addictions, coaching for young adults)

Becca Odum (trauma, yoga, EMDR)

Tamara Hanna (couples/individuals, grief, trauma)

Lisa Harris (despite name of practice being “Asheville Women’s Counseling”, works with ALL people - not just women)

Katie Hornowski

Rachael Morgan (art therapy, grief, trauma)

Shannon O’Neil

Janelle and Jonathan Railey

Allison Ramsey (infertility, grief)

trauma coach/educator (NOT therapy):

Rachel Keener (TRE - Trauma Release Exercises)

medical practitioners

general medicine:

Dr. Carly Brown (direct primary care)

Dr. Lulu (Naturopathic Doctor)

Community Family Practice


Grace Evins (hormone specialist)

Laurel OB/Gyn

Dr. Kiran Sigmon (Vulvar Pain Clinic at MAHEC)

Asheville Women’s Medical Center (Dr. Kirby Kurtz and Dr. Jon Larrabee)

psychiatric med providers:

Lee Anne Horn, PMHNP-BC (psychiatric nurse practitioner)

Dr. Greg Narron

Joel Puryear, PA-C


Dr. Brook Hooper

Sexual Medicine

Aleece Fosnight, PA (currently the area’s only AASECT-certified sex educator/counselor in sexual medicine)

pelvic physical therapists:

(great resource for pelvic pain conditions and other issues impacting sexual functioning)

Heather Edwards (female/male/TRANS-positive practitioner, founder of Vino & Vulvas, working towards AASECT certification)

Dr. Susie Gronski

Susanna Haarmann

Dr. John Leonard (hybrid of PT/massage therapist/magician)

Melanie Sutton